Saturday, October 8, 2011

My latest knitting projects include this wrap from the cover of Interweave's premiere magazine "Knit.Wear"

I love knitting cables and this wrap was fun to knit!  The BIG braided cable is a six by six cable and the shaping in done by increases and decreases within the purl sections between the braids.  I'm at the point where I need to graft the edges together, add the ribbing a block the piece.  I need to have about 20 minutes of peace before I tackle the kitchner stitch over 60 stitches.  There is a great tutorial with the pattern on grafting knit and purl stitches. 

Another project I'm doing that I am quite proud of is my first ever toe-up sock.  Socks are not on my priority list of things to knit, but that may change.  I usually do the traditional cuff-down sock, make that a cuff-down booty sock (very short leg).  I remember being amazed at all the parts of a sock and how they knit up and came together the first time I knit a sock.  I have to admit, that awe has fizzled.  I mostly do socks now because I "have" to for a class or a sample.  I asked Kate, who teaches the toe-up sock class at Stash, to show me the cast on used for toe-up magic loop.  After I got the method for the cast on, I decided to continue with the toe, then the foot, then the heel (which was so much fun), then the leg, I still have to finish the cuff, then start the other sock!  Kate insists I should learn two-at-a-time soon, I'm not so sure juggling two balls of sock yarn on a size US1 40" needles is my cup of tea, but we'll see.

forgot my camera at the shop, so I'll put the pic up of said sock soon

So these two projects have been put to the side, only for a day or two, 'cuz I started another project!  Now I'm knitting the Eudora Hat by Dull Roar, which is a slouchy hat with a turn under contrast brim, welt accents, short row shaping and staggered decreases.  I do have to admit the turn under brim was a little of a pain, but once that was done, the rest of the hat is worth it!  I'm using Aslan Trends Baby Llama, and new yarn at Stash, for the main hat and for the contrast a little Manos Silk I had laying around.  I'm finished with the welts, I have not done these before and they were fun.  The pattern walks you though it.  Just pick up the purl stitch a few rows under the row you are knitting and knit the two stitches together.  I just started the short row shaping, this pattern uses a way to short rows that I've not used before, but again the explaination is wonderful.  I'm having so much fun with this hat and all the techniques that are involved in knitting it, I may just have it finished by the end of the night, if I stop posting to the blog and get back to knitting!  As a matter of fact there is so much technique in this one little project, there may be a class in the future :)

 A Hat or Eudora
Contrast turn under brim
again i forgot my camera and the pics above are courtesy of Dull Roar
            my eudora hat                               the wonderful welts
contrast manos silk band

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