Thursday, August 28, 2008

First we cut, then we sew, next we stuff

Part two of our Gumdrop class. Last time we cut all the pieces and pinned them together. This time we sewed the gumdrops. By the end of the night they were done with the sewing and the pillows looked FABULOUS! Next, we stuff the gumdrops. We can't wait to see the end result.

Stephanie, Diane, and Melany sewing away.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I've opened boxes that were delivered to my door before and was over excited about the contents. Everything we've ordered for Stash so far has been beautiful, in our eyes. But, when I opened this last box I was speechless. I hope the pictures do the colors of the yarn justice! Trust me when I say WOW!
Manos Wool Olivewood

Manos Wool Mermaid

Manos Wool Cornucopia

Thursday, August 21, 2008

BFF Back Packs

Two best friends and their backpacks. It alwasy makes you feel happy about a fininshed project when the intended loves it and shows it off to EVERYONE! When asked, Sarah and Emma say "my mom made it!" beaming with pride and big ole smiles on thier faces.

Christmas Stocking Class

Another great and fun class at Stash. Diane and Cheryl are getting a head start on their Christmas stockings. Diane chose a beautiful green color from Manos called malachite. Cheryl's is an amazing Manos red variegated wool named flame!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Making Gumdrops!

Have I told you gumdrops can be addicting? Well, we've hooked others on 'em too. Stash had a class and three very wonderful gals joined in on the fun. Our goal: to have the whole world covered in gumdrops of every size and color.

Diane oh so carefully tracing the pattern for her gumdrop. The polka dots are too cute and will look great in the end!

Melany was so excited for this class, she couldn't wait to get started on this, and another one, and another one...

Miss Stephanie was walking through the Barn with her husband on date night and ditched him for the gumdrop. I shouldn't say "ditched" that's not very nice! Although, she did ask him very politely if she could stay for the class instead of going to dinner. As you can see he said yes. What a nice husband.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to School Back Pack

Summer's over, get those kiddo's back in school in this hip new pack.  Quick easy and super cute.  One of a kind and easy to identify in the classroom chaos.  This Oh so easy felted pattern uses 3 skeins of Brown Sheep Burly.  For the pattern and yarn come visit us in the shop or email us at     
Happy Knitting!


We are still here! Carol and I have been very busy this past month. We had family trips and we've been working on many projects. We'll post pictures soon! I've been neglecting the blog and I'm sorry. My very awesome and talented husband and I have been working hard to create a new web design for Stash. Check it out: It's new and I believe improved. You will be able to see all the things Stash has in the shop. Including swatches of fabric and color choices of yarn.

Carol had been busy working on a very cute backpack pattern exclusive to Stash. We are looking for test knitters to try out the pattern before we make it public. If you are interested contact us: The Picture will be posted soon! She has also been preparing for the upcoming holiday season and has finished a stocking for a class.

I have been busy too! I found myself in the middle of five projects and had to sit myself down and finish each one. I finished another pair of socks, two more bears for The Mother Bear Project, a few more softies that my daughter made claim to, an adorable pair of leg warmers, and a great shoulder wrap made from a beautiful handpaint burly yarn from Brown Sheep Company.

Stay tuned, and we'll show you the finished projects!