Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer is for Sewing!

I have a tendency to sew more in the summer and knit in the winter. Someone told me I was backward on this, but hey to each her own! I've fallen in love with softies. These little whimsical creatures are the cutest. My daughter has a list for a new softy to whip up daily. Right now I've completed only one. I think he may be my favorite. This little creature was designed by Lynda Lye, I found this pattern in the "Softies" book by Therese Laskey. I call him my tree huggin' friend. He's filled with recycled/reused materials. For his trunk I used plastic shopping bags. It gives him a crunchy feel. Up on top I used left over yarn and fabric scraps. I know I'll have a nice little collection of these cute softies soon!

Addicted to Gumdrops

I admit it, I'm addicted...addicted to gumdrops. I started one as a sample to show in the store and now I'm up to three. Two large and one small. When I look at our fabric all I see are gumdrops. The old advertisement for "tootsie rolls" pops in my head, "What ever it is I think I see, becomes a gumdrop pillow to me!" I'm not sure if I'm at the point yet where I need an intervention, but I'll let you know. I'll post the picture of the third one soon!