Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lucy's Sheep Camp, Dye Lot Yarn, and Atenti Trunk Show November 5th

This is a trunk show not to miss!  There will also be a few other surprises in store, be sure to save the date: Saturday, November 5th 10 am - 5 pm!

Lucy's Sheep Camp Yarn is born and bred in the U.S.A.  I am so proud to bring you this yarn from our neighboring state Wyoming! 

You will experience the wonderful fibers, felted fabric, and other kits available from Lucy's Sheep Camp

About Lucy's Sheep Camp from Miss Billie Jo:

'Welcome to Lucy’s Sheep Camp located in Thermopolis, Wyoming.
My name is Billie Jo Norsworthy and I’m proud to be part of Wyoming’s ranching tradition. My family has been ranching on this land for several generations and we are fortunate to be stewards of beautiful Copper Mountain. This is land that once belonged to Lucy Morrison Moore – “The Sheep Queen of Wyoming.” It’s the spirit of Lucy and the wonder of this majestic land that inspires my dye colors and love of my sheep. May you find the legacy and lore….the creation and color….and the wonder of Wyoming in my work.

I believe that my wools are the finest available. They are hand-dyed primarily using wildflowers as inspiration. I use a combination of
Gay Wool, Cushing's, and natural plant dyes. My sheep are coated
to protect their wool from dirt, weeds, and sun. After shearing,
the fleeces are skirted, then sent to The Shepherd's Mill in
Kansas to be processed.

After the yarn, roving or felt returns to us, I dye everything in the
back room/bathroom/storage room. In the summer months, all of
my dye work is set with the intense Wyoming sun. The dye color
combinations are inspired by my childhood love of wildflowers.

It is my sincere hope that my hand-dyed Wyoming wool products will bring some of Copper Mountain's beauty into your life. From the sheep that the wildflowers that grace...please Enjoy and Create!'

About Dye Lot Yarn:

"Dyelot Yarn is located in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We specialize primarily in yarn packages which contain multiple skeins of yarn that are dyed together to make unique, yet coordinated packages.  All of our packages utilize a variety of high quality fibers like alpaca, silk, merino, and bamboo.

For cooler climates & seasons, we have created a "Stimulus Package" which is a 670yd package that includes six skeins of alpaca, merino, mohair, silk, and even a touch of plain old wool.  This package is available in 14 colorways, 7 semi-solid and 7 very-verigated (which coordinate with our BAM! colorways).

In those warmer climates & seasons, we have our newest package - the "Recovery Package" which is a 1040yd package comprised of 4 skeins of cotton and viscose (two pure, two blends).  This shimmery, vibrant package has been introduced in 4 colorways, and will expand it's color palette in the upcoming season."

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