Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Garland

This is a great project to do this weekend for your Valentine.  It's perfect for kids too.

Those are little felt balls between the hearts.

Supplies: 8 x 12 sheet of felt, pretty color staples, stapler, roving, tea diffuser, Kookaburra soap or other mild soap for felting, needle/thread

How To:
Fold and cut the sheet of felt in half (the long way), cut 1.5" strips of felt
Hold two strips of felt together and staple on end, make a heart shape and staple other end.  Make as many hearts as you wish.  Set aside and make felt balls

Fill a sink with warm/hot soapy water
Grab a clump of roving and fill the bottom half of the tea diffuser, close the diffuser, submerge in water and shake, then remove from the water and shake some more untill water no longer "splashes"  This is fun for the kids to, or it's a great upper arm work out!
Remove the felt ball from the diffuser and let dry.  You may have to shake it again later to get more water out. 

String you hearts and felt balls and hang for your Valentine!

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