Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wonderland Yarns from Frabjous Fibers!

New Yarn! 

Wonderland yarn from Frabjous Fibers & Wonderland Yarns is the newest yarn at Stash. Mad Hatter is an amazing, soft, sport weight yarn that has fabulous saturated colors. And with colors named after Alice in Wonderland how can you resist?! I love the name "Off with Her Red!" I love the yarn too 

There are also ombre kits available in the yarn Cheshire Cat, a fingering weight yarn, to make shawls or scarves. I recommend the "Down the Rabbit Hole" Shawl, Antarktis, or Reverse Psychology. There is the PERECT amount of yarn for any of these shawls, which means little-to-no left overs!

By the looks of the bottom picture, I'm not sure Aminiko is willing to let go of any of the yarn!

wonderland fibers mad hatter sport weight

cheshire cat ombre packs

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