Sunday, January 29, 2012

I LOVE my Seven Year Pen!

 They don't call it the seven-year pen for nothing! Hidden inside is a jumbo ink cartridge that holds enough ink to write for two meters, every single day for seven years (5,110 meters, more than 3 miles of ink)! Imagine it: just two pens would last a child from kindergarten to high school graduation! (You'll have to get them a third one for college and grad school, though.) 

I bought the Seven Year Pen from a little gift shop a while back and loved it so much I bought a few for Christmas gifts too.   When I decided to carry gifts and such at Stash I knew I had to get this pen to offer to the masses as well.  It writes smooth, has cute jesigns, and just makes me happy to use.  

Get your pen at Stash and Join the Seven Year Pen bandwagon!

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