Friday, December 4, 2009

Mini Sweaters - Free Pattern

You've been asking for it and now here it is...

The Mini Sweater Pattern! Hang 'em in your tree, wrap 'em around a bottle of wine for a gift, use 'em as gift toppers, the possibilities are endless!

Mini Sweater

Worsted weight yarn
Size 9 needles

CO 16 sts and work 3 rows garter st (knit all rows)
Next row: Purl
Work Stockinette stitch for 4"

CO 10 sts for sleeve (row 1) work next row as for pattern and CO 10 sts for other sleeve. (row 2)
work three more row for a total of 5 rows.

Knit 15 sts BO 6 sts, work to the end of the row
Next row: knit 15 sts CO 6 sts and work 4 rows

BO 10 sts on each end for sleeves.

Work to match the front.

BO all sts and sew up the sides; weave in loose ends.

This is a great pattern to use up scrap yarn. Don't be afraid to experiment with different yarn and needles, maybe a sport weight with a size 5 needle for a smaller sweater, try stripes for the first time, or a fair isle pattern. Have fun!


jess said...

Can't wait to try these, so cute, thank you!

Java Venus said...

I love this in your shop! I can't wait to try them out! Thank you for the pattern!!

See you soon for coffee club

Rachel Carlson said...

CUTENESS. now, if ONLY i could knit. pout.